Tips for Booking a Headshot Photography Service

Why would anyone need a professional headshot photographer, considering smartphones now have powerful cameras. After all, how hard can it be to take your own photograph. Well, everyone has heard the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’. If your headshot is anything less than stellar, you risk everything.

You may end up losing a potential job opportunity or a client. Maybe, your boss asked for headshots for use on the company website. A poor photograph means getting on the boss’s bad side. Thus, to avoid any risk, it is better to hire a professional headshot photographer.

But where do you start, considering there are thousands of photographers operating in any area. Don’t worry as we plan to make things easier for you. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to book a headshot photography service. Without further ado, let’s start.

Selecting a Headshot Photographer

1.      Set the Budget

The first step is setting the budget. You can find a photographer that charges $1,000 for a session and one who charges as low as $100. Thus, first and foremost, determine how much you are willing to pay for the session. This will trim photographers that don’t meet the budget.

2.      Define the Purpose

After setting the budget, define the purpose behind getting headshots. Has your boss asked you to arrange a session for the entire office? Do they need you to provide a headshot which will be uploaded on the company website and/or social media channels? Do you need the headshot for your own business website or job application?

Remember, if you fail to communicate the purpose to the photographer, the result may not be as per your expectations. Thus, define the purpose as you will need to tell it to the photographer. Otherwise, you are only going to waste time and money.

3.      Research the Right Photographer

Once you set the budget and define the purpose, start researching photographers. Use keywords like ‘headshot photography service in Massachusetts’ or ‘headshot photographer under $1,000’. The keywords will change depending on your area and budget. Draw up a list of top 10 websites/photographers.

Go through their portfolio. It will help you determine whether the photographer can meet your requirements. When researching the photographers, don’t forget to check the reviews. This is quite important and helps you avoid hiring a photographer that knows very little about their field.

4.      Communicate the Purpose

Out of the 10 photographers, approach 5 which you perceive as the top ones. Communicate your budget and purpose. They may negotiate for better rates. You should do the same. Select the photographer which you find easier to communicate with and appears the most professional with regards to their work.

5.      Review the Contract

Once the photographer sends the contract, review the terms and conditions of the contract. We highly recommend that you go through each and every sentence to avoid issues. Check the delivery time, number of photographs they will provide, cancellation policy, and any additional costs they may have put in the contract. If everything is as per your liking, move to the next step.

6.      Selecting the Right Time

If the contract is okay, tell it to the photographer. Tell them that you are happy with the terms and conditions. Now, tell them about your preferred date, time, and location. Once everything is aligned, sign the contract. When selecting the time, ensure that it is the one where your energy level is the highest. Don’t select a time when your energy level is at the lowest.

7.      Wear the Right Outfit

Wearing the right outfit is one of the most important things. It is as important as selecting the right photographer. Wear the best outfit from your wardrobe. If you are looking for a headshot for professional purposes, formal dressing is recommended. You can ask the photographer for additional tips.

8.      Professional Hair and Makeup

Don’t forget about your hair and makeup. Make sure that they complement your personality.

9.      Enjoy the Session

During the session, most people are stressed out. This can have an impact on their mood and expressions. Resultantly, the pictures don’t come out as they hoped. To avoid this, try to relax as much as possible. Strike up a conversation with the photographer or play your favorite music in the background. Some people take a friend or family member along to provide them with support.

10.  Edit

Once the session is complete, provide feedback to the photographer. It helps them improve their services. If you have any specific requirements related to editing, don’t forget to share them with the photographer. Once the photographer provides you with the pictures, provide a detailed review on their business page. In case of a negative feedback, we recommend engaging with the photographer first. Give them a chance to address your concerns rather than bash them online.


This concludes our article on how to select a photography service for professional headshots. If you have any concerns or wish to book a headshot photography service in Massachusetts, contact us.









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